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Together the four healthcare regions in the north make up ​​half of Sweden. The population is sparse, the distances are large and it is of utmost importance that the resources are used efficiently. SOS Alarm directs our prehospital healthcare. In this research project regional expertise within prehospital care is integrated with complex alarm data from SOS Alarm and computer science and mathematical statistics from Umeå University. Together we possess the three main cores of the project:

  • big data
  • artificial intelligence
  • prehospital healthcare expertise

A few words about the project partners with statistics from 2017 and their key participants, as well as the members of our steering and reference committees:

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Region Västerbotten

Region Västerbotten is the project owner. The County of Västerbotten occupies an area of approximately 55,200 km2 and has about 268,050 inhabitants. Per 1000 inhabitants there are 115 assignments per year. The median response time for a priority 1 assignment (where the patient is considered to have acute life-threatening symptoms or in the event of an accident) from answering the alarm call until the ambulance arrives at the pickup point is 13 minutes and 56 seconds.

Britt-Mari Nordström - Project Coordinator

... is an experienced project leader who has worked on seven EU Projects, including an interregional cooperation project conducted by the county council (now the region) regarding the simulation of emergency care and ambulance care. She contributes with experience from ambulance care, rural health care and administrative county-wide organizational and planning issues. Britt-Mari is involved in the pre-hospital group of the Northern Health Region.

Nils Sandberg

... is working at the Region's department for Research & Development within healthcare. He contributes with experience in project management and administration from various projects.

Karin Parkman

… is a registered nurse with long experience of healthcare in sparsely populated areas. Karin works with quality and patient safety issues in ambulance care in rural Västerbotten and participates in various projects focusing on ambulance and emergency care.

Kalle Ängquist

… is a senior mentor in the project. He is a MD, PhD, general surgeon and has worked as Head of Operations for departments in Surgery, Emergency Care and Ambulance. Kalle has also served as Director of Health Care at the Universit Hospital of Norrland, as County Chief of Emergency Care in Västerbotten and as Chairman of FLISA. He has initiated various inter-regional Projects.

Jani Sundqvist

... is Head of Operations for Emergency Care. He contributes with knowledge and experience of priorities and decision-making in prehospital healthcare at management level.

Sofia Elwér

... holds a MD in medical science with a focus on public health science with the dissertation topic: health aspects of gender equality in working life. She has worked strategically with gender issues, is chairman of the region's Strategic Equal Opportunities Council and member of the governing body of Umeå Center for Gender Studies. Sofia contributes knowledge in the genetic field and practical experience of gender mainstreaming from the region.

Anton Lidström

...works as an analyst in central planning and is a member of the Region's council for healthcare equality. Anton contributes knowledge and experience from charting and analysing healthcare consumption from a gender perspective.


Region Norrbotten

The County of Norrbotten occupies an area of about 98,250 km2 and has about 251,300 inhabitants. Per 1000 inhabitants, there are 129 assignments per year. The median response time for a priority 1 assignment is 12 minutes and 23 seconds.

Stig Holmberg

... has national and international experience in ambulance care (Flisa) and both regional and national follow-up / statistics (Nysam), as well as SKL expert on ambulance standardization. Stig also contributes with experience of alarm issues and management and analysis of prehospital healthcare.

Pontus Albertsson Åman

… now works as a developer and project manager in Gällivare. He is a PhD and has previously been a project manager in several interdisciplinary EU projects in ambulance care with a focus on emergency driving. In Norrbotten he has been Head of Operations for the ambulance service in Gällivare and Jokkmokk's health care center. He contributes with his research background, long experience from ambulance service and development projects and knowledge in detail about ambulance service in sparsely populated areas.


Region Västernorrland

The County of Västernorrland occupies an area of approximately 21,700 km2 and has about 246 100 inhabitants. There are 137 assignments per 1000 inhabitants per year. The median response time for a priority 1 assignment is 14 minutes and 6 seconds.

Anders Lundin

... is head of the Department of Emergency Medicine and EMS with responsibility for operations, staff and economics. He has extensive experience in prehospital and emergency care at different levels and has worked with management of EMS  in the current position since 2015. Anders is involved in the prehospital group in the Northern Region.

Jens Enheim

... is a Health Care and Quality Development Officer at the Department of Emergency Medicine and EMS  He is a registered nurse with postgraduate diploma in specialist nursing for prehospital emergency care, with extensive experience in the prehospital setting. As a systems administrator for the regions prehospital EMR, he has vast experience in prehospital technical solutions.

Fredrik Granholm

...is a medical director at the Department of Emergency Medicine and EMS. He is a specialist in anesthesia, intensive care and emergency care medicine. He also has a two year post graduate education in prehospital critical care.  Fredrik contributes with a solid knowledge and experience from both an intrahospital and prehospital emergency care perspective.

Region Jämtland Härjedalen

The County of Jämtland occupies an area of approximately 49,350 km2 and has about 129 650 inhabitants. Per 1000 inhabitants there are 125 assignments per year. The median response time for a priority 1 assignment is 16 minutes and 43 seconds.

Britt-Mari Stolth

... has extensive experience in prehospital healthcare and emergency care in the region of Jämtland Härjedalen where she is responsible for prehospital activities, staff and economics for prehospital healthcare. She is part of a project to review the extent of prehospital healthcare in Jämtland Härjedalen and is engaged in the pre-hospital group of the Northern Health Region.

SOS Alarm

SOS Alarm contributes expertise and long experience of ambulance routing, as well as valuable information such as historical data from both alarm events and ambulance movement patterns. SOS Alarm's ambition with the project is that a future tool should be able to facilitate both their own and the healtcare authorities' joint operations and ultimately contribute to the vision of a safer Sweden for everyone.

Daniel Storey

... is a service developer and responsible for SOS Alarm's participation in the Project by coordinating the organisation's internal resource needs based on the project's needs. Daniel primarily works with service development within the care area and has among other things worked as a group manager at SOS Alarm, where he was responsible for the delivery of ambulance routing in the two counties of Jämtland and Västerbotten. 

Oskar Sigtryggsson

… is an analyst who in this project contributes with expertise regarding SOS Alarm's data storage and is responsible for the data related conditions and solutions that SOS Alarm brings to the project. Oskar has previously worked on projects in neighboring fields, for example in practical modeling and stratification of the risk for need of prehospital care for individuals with complex medical situations. 

Andreas Norrby

… is responsible for the development of SOS Alarm's offers in the care area. He has previously been involved in development projects with other collaborative partners in the field of event analysis, forecasting and resource management. Andreas contributes with a broad insight in SOS Alarm's overall efforts in healthcare, which hopefully can optimize potential synergies.

Umeå universitet

Patrik Rydén - Research Leader &  Assistant Project Coordinator

... is a research leader with expertise in statistical analysis of large-scale data with applications in cancer research, bacterial research and the engineering industry. He has more than 50 scientific publications, h-index 22 and funding from, among others, FORMAS, VR, Kempe and Vinnova. Patrik contributes with experience in conducting interdisciplinary collaboration projects and expertise in statistical modeling of large-scale data.

Ottmar Cronie

... is a researcher and scientific leader of the project's statistical parts. He is an expert in statistical analysis and data analysis/science, with a special focus on spatio-temporal statistics, with application experience from eg. fires, ecology, insurance, epidemiology and earthquakes. He has been published in several of the most reputable statistical scientific journals and in addition to his own expertise, he has access to a broad international network of researchers with statistical competence.

Johanna Björklund

... has experience in the commercialization of research and is the founder of CodeMill AB with 50 employees, optimization algorithms on weighted (hyper) graphs including shortest path problems, and the development of IT systems and product owners to Smart Video, a web-based platform automatic matching of video and ads. Johanna contributes knowledge of effective algorithms on graphs, product development and commercialization.

Markus Ådahl

... has experience in statistical analysis of large data sets and development of simulation models for the analysis of risks and investment strategies in life insurance. He contributes with his skills in data analysis and simulation.

Jonas Westin

...is a researcher at the Centre for Regional Science (CERUM) and at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Umeå University. He contributes with experience in mathematical modelling and simulation of transport systems.

Nana Li

....is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Umeå University. She has experience of modelling/simulations of a Hepatit C Virus infection on a network to locate the potential source of the outbreak. Her current research areas include mathematical optimization, algorithms on weighted graphs, and statistical learning. 

Fekadu Bayisa

… is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Umeå University, responsible for carrying out the statistical analysis within the project. He received his Ph.D. in mathematical statistics in 2018 from Umeå University, Sweden. Fekadu's research areas include statistical modelling of spatial and spatio-temporal data, compressive sensing in biomedical engineering, and machine/statistical learning with sparsity.

Linda Vidman

...is a PhD student at the department of mathematics and mathematical statistics at Umeå University. Linda's main research area is statistical data mining with applications within bioinformatics. She contributes with her knowledge within statistical modeling.

Steering committee

Anna Alm Andersson - Region Norrbotten

Jani Sundqvist - Region Västerbotten

Anders Lundin - Region Västernorrland

Helena Ivarsson - Region Jämtland Härjedalen

Daniel Storey - SOS Alarm

Patrik Ryden - Umeå University

BM Nordström - Region Västerbotten

Reference committee

Helge Brändström - Medical advisor, Joint Commission of County Councils for Swedish Air Ambulance (Svenskt Ambulansflyg)

Håkan Klementsson - Chairman, Association for Leadership Management within Swedish Ambulance Healthcare (FLISA)

Katrine Riklund - Vice Chancellor, Umeå University

Mats Brännström - ex Chairman, Northern County Council Cooperation Committe (Norrlandstingens regionförbund)

Daniel Storey

Patrik Rydén

BM Nordström