Optimal localization of prehospital care

The Vinnova project Prehospital Resource Optimization aims to develop a tool for optimizing ambulance care. Through dynamic modeling and large-scale simulations, we intend to create a more effective and more equitable ambulance care. We want to be able to simulate and test the consequences of decisions before they are made.

  • How should ambulances be stationed to optimally reach the citizens?
  • How will the alarm volume be affected by decisions within the specialist care?
  • How should we plan the pre hospital care in order to meet the future needs?

Visualization of alarms 

This is a visualization of alarms registered by SOS alarm during 15 consecutive days. These are part of the total amount of alarms used for modelling and predicting/forecasting future alarm scenarios. The modeling takes into account underlying factors such as demographics, weather conditions and people's movement patterns.


What do we plan, what happens and has already happened in the project? Here you can briefly see which conferences we participate in, reports to financiers and other milestones.

About us

Together the four healthcare regions in the north make up half of Sweden. The population is sparse, the distances are large and it is of utmost importance that the resources are used efficiently. SOS Alarm directs our prehospital healthcare.



The Project has a total budget of more than 16 million SEK and is coordinated by Region Västerbotten. The participants are the four northernmost healthcare regions, SOS Alarm and Umeå University. 

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The project in the press

The Project recieves some attention in various venues, including in Dagens Medicin, FLISA Magazine, SRP4 and Västerbotten Kuriren. Here you can see more about what has been reported about the project and find the articles.

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